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??????TheShy chat on a kr streamer on twitch and had some interesting views. Also the stream was hilarious. I thought TheShy would be quiet and serious but he's very talkative. Here are some translations.


Q: how did you become so popular in china? Ex)beating uzi in lpl allstar votes Isn't it hard for a foreigner to gain such popularity?


??????A: I think it would have been impossible in kr. But in china i think people care less unless you do something chinese won't like.


Q: On what level do you think LCK is in ( its common in kr to refer the lck as the 3rd division league after lpl and lec)


A: I still think the lck is still the best league but the results are not showing internationally because of the coach/player relations that make it hard for players to speak out and makes teams slower to adapt and change. Players are always better then coaches when it comes to gaming and if they can't talk its hard for the team. (then he compliments coach mafa and kim(dwg coach))


Q: who do you think is the best 3 toplaner except you?


??????A: I don't think there are 3 best toplaners. Also I wouldn't say i'm the best aswell. I think the most ideal or best toplaner would be khan. I think toplane is the hardest role in league. Champions are different from one another and each has different roles. But many toplaners can't stand the difference and not play champs like ornn or sion. you have to be able to play weak side aswell as strong side there are different plays to make in different situations(when your jungler is losing when team is losing etc) so it makes toplane the hardest role. I played other lanes in soloq like mid and adc and hit challengers on both all toplaners are capable of doing this. Also when I meet deft as the opponent when playing adc it was very hard. He does the same thing to me what i do to other toplaners like hitting the opponent twice while being hit once etc. Deft is the only adc I couldn't beat. Adc is the most fun to play, mid is the most important lane and jg is the easiest. Support is not worth playing.


??????Q: are you playing league now(resting)


A: mostly aram. Aram is much better then rift.


??????Q:do you mean to become a coach in the future?


A: nope i want to become a youtuber. But i do have a desire to cultivate good toplaners so maybe? Nah i think i would be too frustrated. I think coaches should be as good as players. Maybe not as good in mechanics but at least able to understand plays on a pro level. I think dopa should be coach I love dopa (the shy used to live with dopa)




Aram confirmed best mode



??????A man of culture i see



Aram is the reason why have 60% winrate on all modes lol. It males your mechanics way better and your champion pool gets huge. I have more than 50 champs in rank 5 just from Aram. I really recommend it for anyone



??????This guy is hilarious. He takes pilates, piano, and singing lessons because he wants to better himself and not just play League all day. Also TheShy is exempt from military service because of his injuries which is pretty interesting. He also said he donated 100k to charity and thinks that luck played a significant part in getting to where he is today. Also said he doesn't want to date until he retires.



what injuries



??????He doesn’t specify but he says he almost died and I can’t tell if he’s being hyperbolic but it was his hand injury. It must have been serious enough if he got an exemption from the military service.



In 2018 spring, TheShy and one of IG's manager went out for a drink and he supposedly broke his wrist/arm. Surgery was performed and it took him a while to recover (that's the main reason we saw lots of Duke last year). If you look at his interview videos, you probably could see a very noticable scar around his wrist.


One of the rumors from CN community is that the reason of his exemption is that he cannot lift heavyweights due to the said injury.



If he got exempted from military, it must be something serious. Korea doesn't fuck around military shit unless you are politically connected.



exempt from being in the actual military where he doesn't even have to do an office job? I thought when you have injuries you just do an office job like what lots of celebrities do?



He said the word “면제” which means exemption. Injuries that are serious enough exempt you from the military. The office job isn’t for just celebrities and doesn’t have anything to do with injuries either.



Support is not worth playing

Oof,On a side note, ARAM is the best.




Watch a clip of Theshy played support as Xerath. Oooff he playing support is basically Toplane shifted to bot



Lmao I watched that clip. He was 10/0/6 as Xerath support and enemy team surrendered after 20-something minutes. He took teleport, had a few kills early, his ADC Jhin left him and went mid for farm, so he casually 1v2 in the bot lane then got double kill. It was fucking hilarious.

(B站链接:TheShy 10/0 MVP泽拉斯辅助)



I can already hear jungle mains typing furiously lmao



??????welp THE top laner has said it. easiest role in game. to all the jg streamers out there who whine about how jg is ruined and hard, checkmate.



I mean, jungling is about macro, so any pro player should be able to jg easily imo



i mean lane difference does create jungle difference, if you have a winning lane and play around it you will win



??????Oh yeah I'm reading this and he revealed lots of interesting things.


??????* IG's loss to FPX hit him really hard. "It was my fault, really. If I had played better, we would have won the championship. I believed so. [...] I felt really bad for about 4 days. I even thought that maybe I should just retire. Of course it wouldn't work, it was just a heated thought."


* This year there were lots of internal problems, compared to 2018 in which IG's team atmosphere was very good.


??????* The injury on his right hand was really serious. Except for playing League, he mostly uses his left hand for daily tasks that require strength. It was lucky that right hand is just for mouse clicks, if it were his left hand, playing League would be much harder.


* Changes in IG lineup have all been made public. "[...] Bot lane is VG duo. I don't know them, but Rookie said they played very well. I had a look and thought they played well. I heard that in VG, only the bot lane did well. Although I haven't met them yet, they're my teammates now, so I want to like them."


* (referring to JKL leaving) He likes JKL and he thinks he can be too emotionally invested in his team, but he is rational and when someone is out of the team, his affection can be withdrawn quickly too.


* Mentioned Rookie many times, he really likes Rookie: when asked if he liked Chinese food, he said he has tried everything Rookie tried, there were some he didn't like, but Rookie likes all of them, and he likes Rookie, so he thinks they're not that bad. (loolol I fucking swear I'm not making this up. [Source](http://bbs.hupu.com/31416845-19.html).) Not in this stream, but in an interview after All Stars, he also called Rookie his "favorite player".


??????* About LPL: "China has a home and away system and attracts lots of investment. We really like it, although it can be exhausting. We have to take a plane one day before each series and can't train on that day. It's a bit inconvenient for the players, but a very good thing for the growth of LOL. Because the scale is getting bigger and bigger, we as players should be grateful."



wow TheShy has an interesting persona!


??????I'm also sad JKL won't be staying, but I think it's probably better if you really think about it.  The original championship roster, despite not winning it all this year, still got to semis and looked convincingly. They are probably worth even more this year. IG is said to have some financial issues and can't afford to pay all their teammates at the market price, probably not even close, and keeping them together is probably making all the players be underpaid. JKL is also considered a top tier AD and is still very young, so he may want a new experience, like a bot oriented team, just to see what it's like.


still sad though :(



IG.Dopa confirmed new coach

iG Dopa已连接


An Aram player, no wonder he plays teamfights so well.

I also agree Aram is so much more fun, especially when both teams have teamfight comps as opposed to poke




??????Every composition is a teamfight composition if you’re a man



Just wait until you see my bruiser Lux!



Bruiser Lux is just what bad AP Lux call themselves when they enter melee range by mistake.

ADC Lux with Frozen mallet for the easy Qs is what the bruisers Lux want to be




??????Haha this is so theshy, when other pro players rest by playing other games, he rest by playing ARAM. There are a lot of OB clips of theshy playing ARAM, he's definitely monster.



Interesting that he thinks Khan is the best when his weakside play isn't that good (although he does have a good sense of outplaying 1v2s, 1v1s, etc). TheShy and Khan are pretty similar in playstyle but I'd take TheShy over him any day on almost any champion. HumbleShy


And his comments on LCK being the best are interesting. Though I might be too achievements focused but the LCK didn't have this problem from 2013-17. Even when they lost all their players in 2015, they had a really dominant worlds and produced great teams since. Since last year they've done things that were unthinkable, 0-3 to NA, not making an international final since 2018 MSI, not winning an international tournament since 2017 worlds, etc.



??????From his wording, he believes LCKs individual players are overall better, but the coaching "culture" of the region is applied too strictly, with Kkoma and Kim being the notable exceptions. It's admittedly a small sample size of games, but some believe teams with a lot of rookie in LCK (e.g. GRF, DWG) tend to collapse under pressure more compared to LPL. The FPX coach, Warhorse, mentioned he expected this for FPX and took special measures to make sure the players were comfortable, so this might be somewhat attributable to coaching.


Going off TheShy's comment on Deft, I'm a strong believer in Deft, imo I think he and Uzi are the best adcs. Beside watching his gameplay, you can see just how games went against 2018 KT/2019 KZ. IG is typically a team that can sacrifice bottom side draft for mid/top to win the game, but 2018 KT and RNG were the only teams where they have to draft JKL a good matchup, even if it means putting TheShy on tanks, or else enemy bot would simply take over the game. G5 IG KT was a 500IQ draft from IG. I'd rate 2018 KT > RNG because of KT as a whole is a more flexible team.

说到关于Deft的话题,我还是很相信Deft,我认为他和Uzi是最好的adc。除了看操作,你可以看看18年对阵KT和19年对阵KZ的比赛。iG是那种典型的牺牲下路换取中上发育的队伍,就算TheShy玩的是个肉,或者对面下路是很容易接管比赛的英雄。IG vs KT的BO5也算得上是神仙打架。整体评价我认为2018的KT比RNG强,因为KT整体更加灵活。


Many players will rate other players in their lane by how much pressure they feel in the lane when they play against them.


I.e. That’s why DL will say something like Keith is better than Cody Sun, because when he scrims against Keith what he is probably focused on is how hard is it to lane against him/how hard he punishes for mistakes. But as a spectator what makes us think Cody is better than Keith is because Keith just ints the game away randomly, while Cody is an insane teamfighter.

这也是为什么大师兄说Keith(C9 AD)比孙哥强,因为训练赛对线Keith时他必须专注于对线,否则就可能因为犯错崩盘。但作为观众我们认为孙哥比Keith强因为Keith有的时候会暴毙,而孙哥是一个团战型选手。

??????Khan has always been an insane carry player on his champions. He’s insanely good as a strong side top laner and puts insane pressure on the enemy laner. On top of that, on SKT he was actually able to learn playing weakside. I’m interested in seeing Khan next year. I think FPX might win worlds again if everything works out. DoinB might act like BDD+ and allow Khan to go apeshit on top lane. And Khan and TheShy will probably become superpowered scrimming against each other.

Khan拿到自己的英雄时也是个爹。他是那种当自己在优势方会疯狂给予对方上单选手压力的选手。只论上路,在SKT他起码学到了抗压,看看明年Kham的发挥。要是不出什么幺蛾子的话我认为FPX会再拿一次冠军,Doinb更像是一个BDD plus,这会让Khan在上单位打的更舒服。TheShy和Khan在上路肯定会有史诗对决。


??????i can already hear the support mains typing their essays "sUpPoort iS tHe mOst diFfiCult rOle!!!"